10 Days Of Whole30

Well, 10 days of Whole30 is over. That leaves 20 more days of seeing what they bring to me. I am being positive, and optimistic. I have seen changes, but subtle changes that are not visual to me. #1. I am starting to sleep better. #2 I am not worrying about losing weight, which I am not suppose to be. #3. I know I am doing something to my body that is a good thing.

I am keeping up writing in The Whole30 Day to Day journal that I posted a picture of at the beginning of this. Food is not a problem nor are cravings. Except wanting a glass of wine while sitting on the back porch with hubby. But I have my fuzzy waters that I am drinking. I aim to continue this program and also looking into another program once this one is complete.

Recipes? Well, here is one that is very simple. Slice a cucumber, a green pepper, and a sweet onion in a bowl. Have your compliant ranch dressing made and mix some in the veggies. Chill and serve. I did this for me and hubby tried some with a garden fresh tomato. I knew it was good because I had made this the day before he ate some. He just couldn’t say enuff about it. He loved it. So, if you are hooked on the compliant ranch dressing, do something like that! You can also add other veggies to the mixture, such as raw squash, lightly steamed broccoli & cauliflower, radishes, or whatever you have on hand. I ate this with some tuna and a boiled egg for lunch one day this last week.

The journal has you write down what you ate each day and check off what meal was your favorite. Hands down, it usually is the evening meal. That is hard for me to eat at an early time since there is so much to do around the house. But with food made up and in the fridge, it is easy to pull something out around 7 or 7:30, unless hubby is grilling, then it gets late……I do not sleep well when I eat late and I have bad dreams, too.

Came to the conclusion today while shopping in San Antonio that my favorite shoes I like to wear make my legs and hips hurt after wearing them for a little while. My feet don’t hurt, but everywhere else does…makes me sad….I have 3 pairs of that type of shoe that I wear to work and such…

On a positive note, we are having a RV outing with Hubby’s kids this weekend! We are traveling to Tow, Texas, Texas Hills RV Resort or something like that….this will be our maiden voyage with the travel trailer he bought earlier this year. I am excited for sure! Gonna have me some outside time under the canopy with my books and stitching….meals are planned out, and yes, I will want a glass of wine but I WILL BE STRONG!!!!!!!!

Hugs and blessings……day by day

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