Getting Ready!

Hey All!

This is the EVE of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge that starts tomorrow!  Still “challenged” by what my menu will be for the week!  Too many choices!  But one will definitely will be chicken!  Larry will be grilling marinated chicken breasts for me tonite plus, I think I will be making the Chicken Enchilada Soup that was given to me by the Fredericksburg Anytime Fitness Center people!  That sounded REALLY good!  Lunches will be Seasoned Quinoa on top of greens with avocado and tomatoes.  Not sure if it will be spiced with Mexican seasoning or if I want to go Italian….been thinking Italian but not sure how to make it happen…..will come up with something for sure though!  I have fresh basil that needs to be cut and used from my herb garden….no cheese……Quinoa Caprise Salad??!!!  Hmmm…could work!  Will post and tell tomorrow evening with pictures! 

Stay tuned!!!!!  More to come!

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Vicky’s Advocare 24-Day Challenge

Hi all!

Yes, I am doing the Advocare 24-day challenge with Anytime Fitness here in Fredericksburg!  It begins May 1, 2012 and I am READY TO GO!!!!!

Here are my before pictures that we took at the center this morning!

Front view.
Side view.

Yes, I was holding my BIG shirt so that it was snug in all the places it needed to be.  Poundage is 136.5,(about a month ago, I weighed there and came in at 138; I lost 1.5 pounds!) biggest area was 39″ in hips.  As usual with any female, my target areas are gut and waist.  Those are my self-conscious areas on me.  Butt backside, I can’t see, so I don’t totally worry about it so much, the front I see and worry with!

Since I am and Advocare Distributor, I have all my supplements ready to go!  Menu Planning will take place soon!  I gotta be strong!  I have a few weaknesses that I need to overcome: beer, wine, and some sugar things! I try to be accountable but will need your help in doing so!  Will need your cheering on so I can stay true!

I hope to post recipes that I am using and creating so keep me boosted and going, please!

If anyone wants to do the 24-Day Advocare Challenge with me and/or Anytime Fitness Center-Fredericksburg, Tx, you can e-mail me at or reply to this blog, and I can help you get started with the program! (I am a distributor, as I said before!) You can also follow me on facebook and Twitter to see what I am up to and how good I am doing on the challenge! I need your support!  Thank you!

Hugs!  Vicky

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DKL Relay For Life Bake Sale Muffins

Hi!  This Saturday, April 14, we are having a bake sale by the fish pond at Der Kuchen Laden!  Our team name is “The Jerbears”, in honor of Jerry Hughes, who is fighting the cancer battle.  I made 3 batches of muffins from the Peach Tree Tea Room cookbook(the dark green book), written by Cynthia Pedregon, who is now with our Father in Heaven, no longer fighting the cancer battle, God bless her.

The muffins and the great book!

The recipes are on pages 121 and 122 of her cookbook. Now, I DID make some revisions to make them special(did you think I would not do so??!!) The “Oatmeal Muffins ” are made with coconut oil, rather than butter or canola oil, that added a nice flavor to them, if I say so myself![muffins are the center ones with the book leaning on their rack!]

On page 122, I made her “Blueberry Muffins”, but instead of using regular ap flour, I used white whole wheat flour and I used frozen blueberries!  They are gong to be quite sweet![they are the muffins on the right side rack!]

I used that same recipe to make my raspberry jelly filled muffins!  My revisions was using white whole wheat flour, reduce the white sugar to 1/3 cup.  Because I was putting jelly inside the muffins, I did not want so much sweetness.  To do the jelly filled muffins, make the batter, put about 2 TBSP of batter in muffin cup, put 2 tsp of jelly/jam on top of batter, put another 2 TBSP of batter on top of jelly and bake normal time![jelly muffins are the ones on the left side!]  You can purchase Cynthia’s cookbook at Der Kuchen Laden so you can make these muffins and any other recipe in her book!

Ya’ll come by Der Kuchen Laden this Saturday and support Relay For Life, the Jerbear team!  All donations are appreciated even if you don’t eat sweets!

Hugs!  Vicky

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