Ciabata Ham Sandwich


Last Wednesday I went to the store and bought some sliced ham, the REAL stuff, and came upon some Ciabata bread that looked really good too!  I was hungry for a good ham sandwich, and I knew Dear Sweet Larry would like one too!  So, back home I went with my wonderful purchases at HEB!  I took the bread, cut it in half, and then in half again through the middle.  I drizzled EV Olive Oil on the thick half and scattered grated Moz cheese on the other half, broiled it until it was toasty and light brown on each side.  In the meantime, I had chunked up a good 2 cups of ham, sliced a tomato purty thin and sauteed some green pepper and onions in oil.  When I brought out the bread from the oven, I smeared some mayo in each side, topped the ham on the side without the cheese, added the onions & peppers and then the tomatoes.  The tomatoes got peppered and I put the other side on top.  Using bread knife that was used to cut the bread, I cut the sandwich in the middle and we both ate a half!  It was VERY filling and, yes, I would do it again!!!!!!!  (Imagin us doing the “Guy Fietty” stance to eat this!spelling not good, I know…)  :0



Ciabata Ham Sandwich


Yes, it was a BIG thing and very filling!  Changes???  Yes, maybe some Dijon mustard, shredded lettuce, and definitely more cheese!   Hugs!  Me!

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Still Here!

Hey all!

Just letting you know I am still here!  I have several recipes to post for you soon!  One is a ham chibata sandwich that is easy and good and the other is a quick pizza that I did!  I have pics of the sandwich but not the pizza.  It is just something that you can do in a quickie!

Hope you have a good weekend!  we are off to the lake to make sure pipes are wrapped and things are ready for the winter!  Will bring camera along in the event I cook something worth taking pics of (should have done the pizza last nite…Ranger game had my brain not in picture mode!)

Robbie trying to do fence work at Granny's house!


Alex and Robbie were down this past weekend and while they were outside, he decided to help granny out with fence building, or in this case, unbuilding…..mommy said he was pulling the little fence up out of the ground where it was….gonna be a good little granny’s helper!  He is getting so big and so busy!

Have a good weekend!  Will post things next week!  Hugs!   Me!



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Tonite I decided to do something that was good, easy, and half way good for you!  Vicky’s Mac&Cheese!

Take a 1 1/2 pound of ground meat of choice, we have deer/beef ground meat, brown it in about 1 TBSP
EVOlive Oil, add a good cup of chopped green pepper, a medium onion(I had red), and three good cloves of garlic, cook until onions are tender/clear. Season with salt & pepper.  Add 2 tsp. ground cumin and 1 tsp. chili powder, stir well.  Add about 1/2 cup Valentina’s hot sauce to mixture plus 1/2 cup water and cook for about 5 minutes.  In the mean time, cook about 1 1/2 cups dry elbows.  When done, drain & add to ground meat mixture.  Cube up some Velveeta or whatever brand of smooth cheese you have and add about 1 or 2 cups to the meat mixture, use your taste judgement.  Stir in until cheese is melted.  Put lid on and burner on low until ready to eat!  Great served with tortilla chips or corn tortillas with cheese melted on them!  Now for the pictures!


Main indredients! Meat, veggies, hot sauce & elbows!


Meat & veggies cooking together!


Finished one-pot dish!


Eggplant anyone???


Can you guess how many are in the sink from tonite’s picking??????  There will be about that many more  tomorrow nite or the next……..who wants some??!!!

Hugs!  Me!

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The Four-Leg Boys…

While Larry was putting together the tricycle for Mom & Dad, the boys had fun playing with the boxes it came in!

I can share....for a little while....

If I only had my camera when I pushed the box in the front door…both kids jumped on the box and had their ears backed at each other arguing as to who’s box it was and finally, JR jumped off and Tooter just stood there VERY arrogantly, with this attitude of “I am the boss around here”!  Wish I had a pic of that!

The big box was on the floor going into the other bathroom and it never failed, at about 7:00 there was this race with JR & Tooter running from our bedroom to the other side of the house going over the big box in the floor and then they would play with each other in and on the box!  There was a hole in it and JR would be inside and Tooter on top batting at JR in the hole…..who needs to go to the movies when you have boxes and cat kids??!!!  Anyway, the boxes are out of the house now, so things have calmed down until the next box comes in the house!  Hugs!  Me!



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Chicken Fajita Wraps

Sliced onions & peppers with diced grilled chicken breasts for filling!


Ok folks!  This is a no-brainer recipe that anyone can do and it will turn out good!   Take cooked grilled chicken or any grilled meat you have left over or you can buy the frozen already cooked fajita meat from the store; chunk it into small pieces in a bowl.  Slice a medium onion-your color choice- and a medium bell pepper-your color choice!  In your non-stick skillet, put about 1 TBSP of your favorite oil in it.  get the skillet ready to use on medium-high heat.  Add your veggies and saute until nearly tender, remove back into bowl.  Add diced meat, saute to warm up, add veggies and stir together to mingle well and cook a little bit!

Filling ready to be filled!

Using the tortilla wraps from the previous post of smoked salmon wraps, or whatever you like to use, take a wrap and spread it with f=Fischer&Wieser Cilantro Pepito Pesto; put meat and veggie filling on next, top with sharp cheddar cheese and roll up, keeping seam side down so it does not unwrap itself!  Cut in half or thirds and serve or chill until company comes!

Fischer & Wieser Cilantro Pepita Pesto for wrap spread! Yum!


Spread, filling, and cheese before wrapping!


Finished Chicken Fajita Wraps! Yum!
You can use any spread you like, it does not have to be what I used but these were good with it!
Larry took a pair and put it in the microwave to melt the cheese and warm it up after company left and said that it was really good!
Ok…now for comedy time!  Here comes pics of Larry & my brother-in-law Boyce riding the tricycle that we got my parents!  They are such “kids” at heart!

"I hope I don't get stuck in the mud! C'mom! Move!"

That is Boyce doing the “maiden voyage” on the bike!

"I want my turn! Hurry up!"

"WEEEEEEEEE! Can I go faster??!!"

"let's see if I can pop a wheelie!"

Yes, we are all just kids ar heart!

Don’t you just love it!  I did!  They will always be kids at heart, no matter how old their/our bodies feel at times! God bless them and all of you!  Hugs!  Me!

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Better late than never….

Sorry it has been a little while since I posted……made a trip to Dallas this past weekend to see my grandson and daughter and hubby!  BUT!  Here we go!

Bunco party was fun!  There were three ghosts-two unexpected and one I knew of…….what did we do??????  We called for reinforcements from Neal and hubby Larry when they came in from “feeding the cows” for a friend!

Neal at head table with winning partner!


Larry having fun with the girls!




The rest of the Bunco gang! (I am taking the pics!


Thank you, Dear Lord, for the rain before Bunco party!


It is wet out there!


Yes, I was not sure if the rain would keep the gang from coming but they showed up with smiles on ther face and food in hands!

Here is the recipe for the potato salad dressing and what I used with cucumbers to make the smoked salmon wraps!

1 cup mayo lite (I used Hellman’s)

1 cup Greek yogurt

2 TBSP Dijon Mustard

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 cup minced red onion

1/2 cup fresh dill (I used 1/4 cup dried because I did not have fresh-still did fine!)

Mix together and use as potato salad dressing.

This is called Maureen Bevelaqua’s Light Dilled Potato Salad.  The recipe was given to me by my friend Kat Jacoby.  As I posted in an earlier post, she made potato salad one evening and we fell in love with it!  For the wraps, I diced up two cucumbers and dressed them with the dressing, spread them on whole wheat tortilla wraps and topped with smoked salmon.  Roll up and cut into three pieces.  Chill and serve!

Here come the pictures!!!!

Wraps used for smoked salmon and chicken fajita wraps!

Smoked salmon wrap before wrapping!

Rolled, wrapped and cut! Ready for chillin!

These little jewels are rich!  Make sure you don’t put too much dressing with the cucumber, I think I did!  Next time I may just spread the dressing on the wrap and then lay thin slices of cucumber on top and then the thin pieces of smoked salmon… time……yes, always making changes…….

The other thing I made was chicken fajita wraps!  That will be in my next post!  I am going to try and put them in my “recipe” tab if I can figure out how to get there…….still learning this program…..long way to go but I will persevere!  Hugs!  Me!




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