About the Chef

I have been cooking since I was 6 years old, while living on a ranch in the western part of Kerr County, Texas. I was in 4-H cooking for over 10 years, and have never stopped cooking!

In February, 2006, I took classes and received my Texas Department of Health Retail Foods Division food safety certification.  After researching the personal chef business for five years, I finally decided to do the home study program with the United States Personal Chef Association in 2007.

When I tell my friends what type of business I am in, they always say, “Vicky, you are finally doing something that is YOU!”  When my mother had her gall bladder removed, my oldest sister told my parents that “you have the best cook out of all four girls to be there for you!”  I constantly read cookbooks and cooking magazines to gain ideas on how to fix a wide variety of foods, plus I am always trying something new to see how it tastes!

I am always looking for recipes that are healthy and good at the same time.  Eating healthy and eating “clean” is such an easy thing to do and I truly believe in eating healthy!  Life is too short not to take care of yourself and by eating right, you will feel better!

Chef Services

Simple Dinners by Vicky D is a personal chef service where I come into your home and cook meals tailored for the way you live and like to eat!  I do all the grocery shopping before I come to your home to prepare the meals that have been reviewed by you the week before. I will also ask if you need other things at the store besides what I will be needing for the cooking service I am providing you!

Because I am cooking in YOUR home, there is no time or gas wasted by you!  You come home to a clean kitchen and prepared meals ready for you to pop in the microwave or oven at your convenience, labeled with cooking directions. This gives you more time with your family!  Since all meals are home made, there is no worry about the food containing so many preservatives as in frozen dinners from the store.  The freshest ingredients and the finest quality meats are used to prepare each dish on the selected menu! If you have special dietary needs, Simple Dinners by Vicky D can accommodate the menus to fit your situation.  Whether it be diabetic meals or low-fat/low carb menus, you will receive a WIDE variety of entrées to choose from!

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