Stepping Out of the Box…

I am stepping out into the social media world! Creating a web page / blog for my Personal Chef business with the help of a special friend, Rachel Siff! She is a whiz on the computer! Also being created are Facebook and Twitter pages to take my business and I to a different level! Many new and exciting things happening, so please stay tuned for more!

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Yes, I am coming out of my shell, so to speak!  I am learning how to do things in social media that I have never done before!  I am getting better on FaceBook!  I am posting photos with descriptions by them and hoping that they are appealing and understandable!  Look them up by finding me at Simple Dinners By Vicky D and see what food photos I have put out there!  Now that I have found out a little more about my web site here, I will be posting pics and such here along with recipes and photos of them too!  Thank you, Rachel Siff, for setting this up for me!  I am not sure what all I can do on my site yet, but hopefully in the future I can have people join this site just like other sites! 


Aha!  I did this!  This is an accomplishment!  Not the best picture of me but a cute one of my grandson!  We are sitting at the table and we are eating peaches!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I hope to post more things soon!

Hugs….Vicky D





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