Confession time and regroup…

Confession time…..went to the fitness center to work out, first time in over a week…30 minutes on the elliptical with 5 resistance! That was the good part!  The bad part is this….stepped on the scale in the ladies dressing/shower room….disaster….about 4 pounds crept up on me…….that is what I get for not watching what I have been eating and drinking and not exercising on the regular basis I need to be…….

So! It is back on the wagon for me beginning tomorrow! Today is the visit to Becker Vineyards to sample their wines for the Fall project of mine! What am I going to do beginning this next week??? Bring my lunch, cut out breads, boost my protein and veggie intake, go to fitness center like I should, cut beer/wine on back porch (drink my red tea instead)….you would think summer time would be the easiest time to lose weight with all the fresh produce at hand, but it is also the best time of the year for back porch time with hubby and beer & wine goes so well with back porch time…I need to go to a week long health spa/club…anyone want to fund that for me????  LOL……..back to cleaning on the house now…..

Now, how can I create my own health club/spa here at the house??? Gotta think on that one especially since I need to keep hubby Larry happy too and keep it in very reasonable budget!  Looks like another research project…….thoughts and comments welcome on this project…….hugs…Vicky

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Where have I been???

Hey all!  No, I did not fall off the earth….sometimes I feel like I did, though..:/

It has been a crazy time since my last post here!  Have had some cookings, been playing with recipes, gardening, working, etc. A few major things have happened since last post, unfortunately the co-owner of Der Kuchen Laden, Jerry Hughes, passed and went home to be with our Lord and Savior. He has been missed tremendously by everyone at the store. But on the bright side of things, my daughter, who now lives in Huntsville, is pregnant with child number two and due in March!  This is exciting for us! I told her it had better be a girl or I will send it back! No, I won’t , we will love it all the same!

I am working on a project with a B&B here in town, now!  Matching appetizers with wines for her guests to purchase as a package when they stay at the B&B!  I will be making what they choose for appetizers with the wine they choose!  Tomorrow, Sunday, Larry & I will be going to Becker Vineyards to do some wine tasting and I will be drilling them about food pairings for the wines I taste.  I may even become one of their wine club members so I can get the ones HEB does not carry!  Could be fun! Larry is not much of a wine drinker, so he is coming along as my driver, not that I plan on getting snockered, but it is always a good idea to have him around for safety sake!  Plus, it is time together doing something different and that counts tons! When things are set and rolling with the B&B, I will post pics and how to get to the website so you can see what is happening and pass along to your friends!

That's my boy!


This is Robbie, if you did not know!  He is now two years old and is a little toot! They are planning to come Labor Day weekend for a visit!  I am excited that they are coming! Alex has a three-day weekend and making the trip over!

Bunco is at my house this Tuesday and I am making Mexican hash with salsa, fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, avocados, cheese, and sour cream for sides!  This hash is one I made for Alex & I when we lived in Harper by ourselves.  It stretches a pound of meat really well! Larry likes it too and it is something you can put in the freezer and take out later! Someone remind me to take pictures and post recipe here!!!!!!  It is good and easy!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! keep smiling and God bless you all!  Hugs!  Vicky




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It’s not the pounds-IT’S THE INCHES!

Hey everyone!

It is the last day, or next to the last day, of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge!  I weighed in, got measured and had the stats calculated!  Starting weight was 136, today’s weight was 135.5.  BUT!  Here are the measurement calculations!

“Dun ta don! (so made up that sound!)

ok so your After photos are attached! and you officially lost: 1 pound, 2.5 inches, for a total of 3.75 pounds of body fat (found by multiplying 1.5 times # of inches lost)

Congrats again and WAY TO GO!
You did so awesome! Keep it up!”
This is from Amber, the Anytime Fitness-Fredericksburg who did the before and after measurements of the challenge!  Thank you Amber!
The before side pic:

Side view. Before Picture.

The after pic-side view:

Side view-after.


Front view before:

Front view.Before.


Front view after:

Front view-final.

Not much visual change from these pics, but my pants DO show me a change!  I DID see my weight at 132 last Thursday, after being gone from home and the gym!  I was in Huntsville helping my daughter get settled in her new apartment. They relocated because Michael is going to grad school at Sam Houston; she got a job and had to get moved before school started for Michael.  Yes, YaYa got to spoil that grand-baby!  No gym available to work out in kinda had me worried about gaining but I was careful to make sure I took the MNS packs as I should and careful as to what I ate while there!

Yes, I DID binge out this weekend, but IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!  OK!!!!! (did you hear me yelling at myself…?) 🙂

Again, it is not about the pounds, it is about the inches lost and I am very satisfied as to what I have lost and I will continue to stay on the plan!  I was taking the MNS E packs, but now I will be taking the packs of MNS C for another 14 days.  Those are suppose to really help me with my appetite control. That has been my issue…eating too much!  The foods I eat are not BAD foods, it is just I eat TOO DARN MUCH OF THEM!!!!!  I have a hard time stopping if it is especially good!  I live to eat, can you tell!  I love good food!

I am happy with my body right now but I am looking forward to having more results, so I will continue working out and doing the MNS packs for another 14 days and then take a break from the packs.  You cannot go back to way you were before, so we keep on doing what is right! Or else, the weight and inches will see you again!!!!

The garden is starting to take off, fresh cucumbers, squash, green beans, okra, peppers of all kinds, sound like gumbo to me??!!!  You bet!  But a low fat one!!!  Or maybe even a cold gazpacho using the cucumbers and peppers and squash!  Yum Yum!  Watch out for garden pics and recipes!!!!

Thank you all for your support!  Hugs!  Vicky D





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Week 2 Update

Hey all!

Just checking in to say that I went to Anytime Fitness Center-Fredericksburg this past Wednesday and checked my weight on their scale!  It may not seem much, but I LOST 1 POUND!!!!!!!  May should have been more but these last pounds I want to lose will be the hardest to lose for me! (5.5 pounds to go in 14 days)  Another good thing is that I did 30 minutes on the elliptical (big shoe pedal machine and Larry calls it!)  That is the longest I have ever done on that thing!  It is getting to where I can’t do the tread mill because of my hips.(need to go to chiropractor for adjustment)…….

This week’s quinoa lunch salads have been Greek flavored!  Cooked quinoa in chicken broth, add 1/2 tsp of fresh chopped rosemary, parsley, and oregano, one pressed garlic clove, a little lemon juice and EVOO!  Toss, chill, add one chopped cucumber, black calamata olives, portion out, and put in fridge to take in my lunch to be topped on lettuce and veggies with vinegar dressing!  Yum! Yum!  Good combination!  It does not need Feta cheese, either!

These next few days are gonna really be hard to be true/faithful to the plan….I will be in Huntsville helping my daughter move/unpack into their new apartment.  Being away from home and out of your element makes being true/faithful to your diet plan hard when you don’t have your normal things with you!  But!  I will  try and do my best!  I will be cooking things for my daughter to take for lunch and for their supper while I am there and I will be cooking things that are good for us too!  I found a crock pot soup recipe that sounded good and was good for you too that I want to make!  It is an Oriental soup that uses chicken broth, stir-fry frozen veggies, fresh grated ginger and soy sauce!  It would make a good egg drop veggie soup too!  Sounded good and good for you!(too many “good”‘s used her….LOL)

Anyway, pray for strength and faithfulness!

Hugs!  Vicky D

:0 🙂

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Pics As Promised(few days late) :(

Hey All!

It is day three of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge!  I have some pics and recipes to share with you that I have fixed!

I went to the Center Wednesday am and walked treadmill and elliptical for 30 minutes, and then weighed myself(one week from measuring/weighing for the program) and I weighed the same……good news is that I did not GAIN anything from my weekend in Austin with my sister! (must have done something right!) 🙂

I made my Quinoa Caprise for my salads and it turned out great!  Here is a short recipe for you to try!

Quinoa cooked in Swanson’s 99% Fat Free/no MSG chicken broth, sea salt to taste with one minced clove of garlic.  When done, squeeze 1/2 lemon on it and chop about 1/4 cup fresh Basil and add to the quinoa.  Stir to combine; pack in portable containers, 1 cup or less per container.  Let cool completely, put lids on and store in fridge!  Use as topping on your green salad that you will be eating for lunch!

Quinoa is a plant protein that has really become popular and it is good!  My salad consisted of spinach, mixed baby greens, and home-grown greens from a friend I work with, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 diced avocado,  red pepper, garden fresh broccoli, garden fresh radishes, and a few black olives.  Dressing was Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, a touch of EVOO, about 1 tsp Dijon Mustard, and 1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb Seasoning!(mix dressing ingredients in a small bowl with small whisk and pour on top of all salad stuffs!  I REALLY like salads  and I have grown to really like this dressing mixture!  It is good and good for you too!  This has been my lunch that I take to work with me too!

Monday nite, Larry grilled some chicken breasts that I marinated in EVOO, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, fresh parsley, and fresh garlic(mince herbs and combine with EVOO, put chicken breasts in a bag, pour herbs and oil on top, seal bag, mush around and let sit for at least an hour. Season with a small amount of salt and grill outside on charcoal grill or your electric grill!!). He also grilled some pork chops too that we had with other stuff!  Tuesday, I peeled, diced and baked a butternut squash in the oven that  I drizzled lightly with EVOO and a touch of salt(bake covered at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes until tender!). We had this with fresh radishes and steamed broccoli and the chicken breasts cooked Monday nite!  That was supper Tuesday nite(I ate a pork chop Monday when he grilled!)and will be supper again tonite with fresh squash! (I nearly ate it all up before I remembered to take a picture! It was that good or I was that hungry one!) :)-

This is the Chicken Enchilada Stew I made from a recipe that was given to me from one of the girls at Anytime Fitness Center.  It turned out REALLY good!  It is purty much a chicken tortilla soup without the corn tortillas!  I was good and only had one bowl for supper!

Chicken Enchilada Stew


Cooked chicken breast meat in chicken broth, 1/2 green and red pepper, diced, 1-4 oz can Hatch green chilis, 3 garlic cloves minced, 1/2 white onion, chopped, 1 TBSP Cumin and Chili Powder, 2 tsp. Mexican Oregano, S&P to taste, minced fresh cilantro at the end!  Can top in your bowl with diced fresh avocado, but I did not because I had my avocado at lunch in my salad!  I did not even miss the corn tortillas in this, which was VERY surprising!  Hubby Larry crushed some up in his soup, though.  I believe this recipe came from a Paeleo cookbook or site.

My bowl of stew!

Weird picture angle….sorry….:/

I am proud of myself that I have been keeping on track with the Challenge Plan and have not veered off from it at all, but the hardest thing for me is sitting on the back porch with Larry….I have a glass of lemon water or decaf tea and he is drinking beer….that sucks……..BUT I AM STRONG AND I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!  I will be strong!  Hugs!  Vicky


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Getting Ready!

Hey All!

This is the EVE of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge that starts tomorrow!  Still “challenged” by what my menu will be for the week!  Too many choices!  But one will definitely will be chicken!  Larry will be grilling marinated chicken breasts for me tonite plus, I think I will be making the Chicken Enchilada Soup that was given to me by the Fredericksburg Anytime Fitness Center people!  That sounded REALLY good!  Lunches will be Seasoned Quinoa on top of greens with avocado and tomatoes.  Not sure if it will be spiced with Mexican seasoning or if I want to go Italian….been thinking Italian but not sure how to make it happen…..will come up with something for sure though!  I have fresh basil that needs to be cut and used from my herb garden….no cheese……Quinoa Caprise Salad??!!!  Hmmm…could work!  Will post and tell tomorrow evening with pictures! 

Stay tuned!!!!!  More to come!

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Vicky’s Advocare 24-Day Challenge

Hi all!

Yes, I am doing the Advocare 24-day challenge with Anytime Fitness here in Fredericksburg!  It begins May 1, 2012 and I am READY TO GO!!!!!

Here are my before pictures that we took at the center this morning!

Front view.
Side view.

Yes, I was holding my BIG shirt so that it was snug in all the places it needed to be.  Poundage is 136.5,(about a month ago, I weighed there and came in at 138; I lost 1.5 pounds!) biggest area was 39″ in hips.  As usual with any female, my target areas are gut and waist.  Those are my self-conscious areas on me.  Butt backside, I can’t see, so I don’t totally worry about it so much, the front I see and worry with!

Since I am and Advocare Distributor, I have all my supplements ready to go!  Menu Planning will take place soon!  I gotta be strong!  I have a few weaknesses that I need to overcome: beer, wine, and some sugar things! I try to be accountable but will need your help in doing so!  Will need your cheering on so I can stay true!

I hope to post recipes that I am using and creating so keep me boosted and going, please!

If anyone wants to do the 24-Day Advocare Challenge with me and/or Anytime Fitness Center-Fredericksburg, Tx, you can e-mail me at or reply to this blog, and I can help you get started with the program! (I am a distributor, as I said before!) You can also follow me on facebook and Twitter to see what I am up to and how good I am doing on the challenge! I need your support!  Thank you!

Hugs!  Vicky

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DKL Relay For Life Bake Sale Muffins

Hi!  This Saturday, April 14, we are having a bake sale by the fish pond at Der Kuchen Laden!  Our team name is “The Jerbears”, in honor of Jerry Hughes, who is fighting the cancer battle.  I made 3 batches of muffins from the Peach Tree Tea Room cookbook(the dark green book), written by Cynthia Pedregon, who is now with our Father in Heaven, no longer fighting the cancer battle, God bless her.

The muffins and the great book!

The recipes are on pages 121 and 122 of her cookbook. Now, I DID make some revisions to make them special(did you think I would not do so??!!) The “Oatmeal Muffins ” are made with coconut oil, rather than butter or canola oil, that added a nice flavor to them, if I say so myself![muffins are the center ones with the book leaning on their rack!]

On page 122, I made her “Blueberry Muffins”, but instead of using regular ap flour, I used white whole wheat flour and I used frozen blueberries!  They are gong to be quite sweet![they are the muffins on the right side rack!]

I used that same recipe to make my raspberry jelly filled muffins!  My revisions was using white whole wheat flour, reduce the white sugar to 1/3 cup.  Because I was putting jelly inside the muffins, I did not want so much sweetness.  To do the jelly filled muffins, make the batter, put about 2 TBSP of batter in muffin cup, put 2 tsp of jelly/jam on top of batter, put another 2 TBSP of batter on top of jelly and bake normal time![jelly muffins are the ones on the left side!]  You can purchase Cynthia’s cookbook at Der Kuchen Laden so you can make these muffins and any other recipe in her book!

Ya’ll come by Der Kuchen Laden this Saturday and support Relay For Life, the Jerbear team!  All donations are appreciated even if you don’t eat sweets!

Hugs!  Vicky

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I’m cooking again!

Hi!  Yes, I am still here!  Today was my day off and the house is swept and mopped.  The “kids” are around me here in the chair, Tooter is in my lap and JR is behind me on the back of my chair…it is nap time!

I had to get up and get something done….the kids told me to go ahead, we will stay here and keep the chair warm…..

Supper tonite is seasoned and seared pork riblets with seared deer chunks, simmering in water with dried ancho and guajillo chilis, garlic, and chipolte peppers in adobo sauce.  I am trying out something in my brain…pork rib/deer meat carnitas…it smells REALLY good! To thicken the liquid, I may put the liquid in a saucepan and add some chopped corn tortillas in it to thicken it up with corn flavor.  Gonna toast some corn tortillas with cheese on them, dice avocado(for me), diced tomato, diced onion, I don’t have sour cream, but that would be good!  Take all that and wrap that in the tortillas with cheese! I also have some pinto beans that I will warm up to eat with it and maybe some Spanish rice, if hubby wants some! I have been craving Mexican food and I think this will fix it! Hope it isn’t too hot from the peppers!

Before the hominy..Well, we, hubby & I, decided to add two 14 1/2 oz cans of drained hominy instead of thickening the juices with corn tortillas!  It has turned into a stew and not a shredded taco meat dish!

Here it is!!!!!  And it was SO GOOOOD!!!!!!

My bowl of stew!This is my bowl that I added fresh tomatoes and diced avocado on top!  It was so good!

I am letting you all know that I will be writing blogs for the website where I work, Der Kuchen Laden!  We, Rachel & I, did a photo shoot of my kitchen and kids along with making a recipe from a cookbook using my “griddler”!  It turned out just GREAT!  The site is  The blog is not running yet, but we are working blogs to put on it when it becomes live! Make sure you visit this site to see what we are doing!

Thanks again!  Hugs!  Vicky

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Good Coffee….

Hey there!  I have not froze out, but wish I was south of here where it is warmer!!!!

Last nite I cooked for seven young ladies having a bachelorette party here in Fredericksburg!  They were from the Houston area and had contacted me through USPCA last year.  We had been conversing back and forth since about October or so and last nite was the big event for them here at a B&B!

The menu was:

Spinach Dip with pita chips

Smoked salmon on Cucumbers

Romaine Salad with Vinaigrette (Basil and Red Wine)-the salad had fresh tomatoes and fresh moz slices on the side

Chicken Parm-Giada’s recipe on Barillo Plus spaghetti noodles

Steamed Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto

Dessert was fruit salad marinated in honey, cinnamon, and a splash of Amaretto, with vanilla honey yogurt and an almond lemon Biscotti coated with white chocolate

Sounds simple enuff, right????  Well, let me tell you all the things that goes behind the scenes……..if I can just do a Reader’s Digest version…….

First of all, you don’t know if the place they are staying has adequate plating, so I make sure I have enuff plates to do a full course meal..$$$$$$$ invested……..

Then you think of all the little things that you need to have and remember….thank goodness for computer, pens and paper……and a few vacation days off to get it pulled together……(my house is a wreck…)

Friday I was running around town getting last minute things, going to the store after meeting up with the hostess, we would be using the plates, etc. from the B&B(I used my silverware though and serving bowls, etc.).  Friday nite I made the Spinach dip and marinated the chicken and finished the Biscotti I had made that afternoon(Tooter stole a piece while the chocolate was getting hard and I had to get it from him and trash it, so I guess he approved it!). Friday I was pulling the last of the things in the bins to take to the B&B.

I did not sleep well Friday nite….what I needed to do and things I did not want to forget was running through my mind continually along with how I was going to do my cooking there, over and over and over the same thing kept running through my head…..if I had just got up and put the salt&pepper shakers on the cabinet and the other thing I can’t remember now I wanted to make sure I got and put them where I would not forget them, I think I might have slept better….no, things would still be playing in my head…….

Saturday, yesterday, I was on my feet all day getting things ready for the big event….going to the store, coming home and doing the prepping of all the things I wanted to have ready to save me tons of time there(and it did!!!) Did I say the coffee tastes good this am??

I was to be at the B&B around 4:30. Once I had everything prepped and in its place, and after running back to DKL to pick up some ice tea spoons and stopping to get some ice, it was 3:00.  Ok…stop and eat something so I don’t pass out from lack of food, get dressed(my chef garb on), and load up the cooler.  I had already loaded up all the bins and pans before I ate.  I was there at the B&B at 4:30.  Unload all the bins and stuff and start setting up.  Did I say they wanted the table set??? Thank goodness I read how to set a table out of the Emily Post Book of Etiquette the store just got in…..

Once inside and unloaded, I started picking things up that was left around and cleaned everything off so that I could set the table, which was first on my list after I put all cold stuff in the fridge. I have to admit, the table looked really nice and the girls were impressed too!  Appetizers got made first so that when they came in, they could snack  while I pulled the dinner together….they came in while I was still making the smoked salmon on cucumbers, saw what I was doing and was totally making good noises over them!  They got their drinks going, and I put out the dip and salmon.  Once they all got there, they dove right in to the apps! I never heard so much commotion over something as those girls did about the dip and salmon! (guess they liked it…will post recipes later…)  Then they went into the living room and started a movie.

Meanwhile, I was busy pulling together the salad and extras, dressings, and starting the rest of the dinner trying to have it ready by 7:00…..while I was frying the chicken in the pan(did I say there was a six-burner gas stove I got to use for cooking in there??) I had a paper towel that I was wiping up splattered oil on the side and front of the stove. Well, you may have guessed it…it caught on fire from the burner….I saw it, said a few words under my breath and rushed it to the sink and washed the fire out……note to self……it may be a good thing that I don’t have a gas stove to cook on at home!!!!!!!

When I had it all ready, it was about 7:30 and I totally apologized to them that I did not have it ready at 7:00.  They were fine because they were drinking their wine and watching a movie…..they came together, held hands to say a prayer and I asked to join in.  That was so nice to see those girls stopping to give God thanks for the time they were having!

They first got their salad and then came back for the main meal.  It all looked very nice and pretty….I hope they will send me pics too!  I served the chicken to them instead of them doing it themselves(did I say that there was a double convection oven that I got to use for the chicken, asparagus and rolls??? Might be something on the wish list….) Anyway, there was a bunch of moans and groans from them once they started eating.  Meanwhile, I was pulling the fruit together for dessert…….once they were all finished eating the meal, I served the fruit on little plates (thank you Marilyn!) in clear coffee mugs with two almond Biscotti on the side, Bride first! I heard comments from them that this was better than sitting down at a fine restaurant and eating!  Much more relaxed and better food! (one up for me!)

I have to admit, there were some of the girls who ate everything and there were some who just picked around……but they may have been full from appetizer overload….I cleaned everything up, loaded the dish washer and got it to running…..packed my stuff, and by that time, my back, feet and arms were very tired…..I wiped everything down(oops…..I did not wipe down the center Island I used as prep station..I realized that when I was laying in bed last nite), did the stupid check(I left my napkin holder there…so stupid check did not all work), waved goodbye to the girls and came home.  It was about 9:45 when I got home……yes I could hardly move….I finished my water, got me a glass of Cab and two Alieves, sat in my chair with my feet up in Yoga style for about 30 minutes(Larry was at the lake, so I had “my time”).  I was too tired to shower, even though I probably would have felt better, so I went to bed(had PJ’s on while unwinding)………

I was expecting to be totally stiff when I woke up, but I am not, thank you Dear Lord!  Next, though, is to unload the car from last nite, take a shower and get ready to work at the store…..did I say the coffee tastes good this morning?????  Hugs!  Me



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