Whole30 Done And Forward

Well, folks, my Whole30 is complete and what a journey it was. Lots of realizations and things to remember.


That has been the biggest thing this Whole30 journey. Your body is what it is. It isn’t like the body of your best friend or the body you see on the TV screen or your favorite magazine person. You are you and that’s how God made you! Be happy with it but do the best you can for it!

What have I brought back into my diet? Wine……this weekend was wine weekend and it was good but I know what it does to me. Still doing my bacon-eggs for breakfast/brunch with fruits or avocado. Have not brought very much gluten into my diet. Have eaten my On The Border chips and have gone to Mama Citas and had tacos, no cheese, no rice, no beans. Dairy has not  come into the plan very much. I made an omelet yesterday morning and sprinkled a little sharp cheddar on it, no problem, but I have not made a point to eat a chunk of cheese  or eat cheese enchiladas or anything of that nature. Still drinking my coffee with coconut milk and collagen peptides in the morning.

The garden is slowing down, cucumbers have been pulled up and squash is really slow and may get pulled up too before long. Okra is starting to produce, which means tomato-okra gumbo and roasted okra! Luv that stuff! Peppers are going crazy but the tomatoes are all vine and blooms and not so many tomatoes. My egg plant is as tall as I am with blooms and no babies.

Started cleaning project in the office on July 4th and continued this past Saturday. It looks 100% better but I am not there yet……

So, what is for the future? Continue eating the way I am eating, add a little change here and there, continue with my office clean up and then tackle the other room! Sorry, but no recipes this time…nothing has struck me to share that is out of the ordinary..

Hugs & blessings……..

Vicky D

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