Half Way There Whole 30 & Count Down Days

This Whole30 time, I have come to grips on some of the issues I am/was having with myself-wine. I had a great weekend with hubs and family camping in the  RV and didn’t have any alcohol and was still able to enjoy myself and have fun and I was very happy. I realized that I don’t need the wine to feel good or be happy. I enjoy food and I have not starved myself at all. Also, it’s not about the pounds & inches, I am realizing that I feel so much better about myself and not waking up each morning in a cloud that takes a while to go away. Yes, the energy is there. I have better stamina while cooking in the evenings and sleep quality is better, provided I can shut my brain off…

Things I have noticed phisically is that my middle rolls are not as rolly, and the clothes test is a bit looser. I did step on the scales-you are not suppose to until the end-and I was happy at what they read to me…..no, I am not telling….that’s next weeks final thing! lololol

June 25, 20 year mile marker for hubs and I. Together for 20 years, married since 2005. We went to Mama Citas. I had bacon-wrapped shrimp w/grilled onions and peppers and a Caesar salad no croutons. Had a small amount of parm and I had maybe the equivalent of 1 chip. Club soda for my drink.

June 26, made muffin cheese cakes for my lodge gig this weekend. Yes, I licked my finger that had some batter on it…could not resist to see how it tasted. It was a keto based recipe using Swerve sweetener, a new one to me, so I had to see what it was doing. Not bad and I am not guilty because it was only a VERY small amount.

Keto chesecake muffins

June 27, supper tonight will be “Armands Salad”, left over baked tilapia, and veggies. Julie is coming over to talk about a possible house cleaning job and to eat with us. I saved two cheesecake muffins for her. Hubs took two with him to work this morning. I really enjoy making those things but I know that they are not totally good for me because of whatever sugar I use. Trying to stay away from sugar, even though Keto has “snacks/desserts” that has a sugar (Swerve) in them. Crust is almond flour, butter, and nutmeg for a little taste. I found the recipe on Allrecipes. It used Splenda but I used Swerve. The keto books I am reading use this in all of their desserts instead of stevia and other compliant sweeteners. I ordered it from Amazon, you know they have everything….

You ask, “What do I want to eat after Whole30?” Well, I want to go eat tacos! No cheese, with maybe rice but no beans. No wine. Club soda will work.

Will I continue this route, yes for a while until I introduce some things back into my plan. Wine? Maybe on occasion, because I don’t want to go back to feeling so dragged out in the mornings. I am looking at the Keto diet and may implement some of it into the plan too, but not too much dairy.

So, hopefully next week I will let you know how he ending went. I will be at my lodge place in Mt. Home this weekend cooking for a “girls weekend” there. Menu? Italian theme. Pasta Saturday night….one of my weeknesses..BUT I AM STRONG!!!!!!!!

Hugs & blessings…Vicky

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