My Whole30 Journey Journal June 2018

Well, dear daughter, here goes. With your advice, I am going to journal my Whole 30 journey and do my best to put it on my website blog page. This one is my old site because I cannot get into my web page to blog on it…grrr..)

May 28, 2018

My plan is to take a picture of myself Friday morning, which is June 1st and post it with it titles “The Beginning”. Am I scared, no, I am not scared. I have done it before successfully in June 2015? And with success. I am just asking for tons of willpower and support from those who love me and know me. As far as the food goes, I won’t have a problem there. I am cooing for a young man who is eating purty much Whole 30/Paleo, so I am able to work my way through my Whole 30 cookbooks for him and I will know what I will fix for myself and hubby when I fix food for him. What’s going to be the hardest is that dear hubby will continue to have his beer and I cannot have my wine that I like to have in the evenings or on weekends. My replacement that I know will be much better for me is an elixir of un-sweet cranberry & cherry concentrate from the health food store mixed with bubbly water over ice with a splash of AC vinegar. That will be good and healthy for me plus quench my thirst. La Croix waters will be in my fridge too. I won’t be giving up my caffeine. That’s not an issue for me. I like my coffee and my tea, which I will be drinking. The thing I noticed back when I did it the first time was that when I re-introduced dairy, it gave me bad gas and still does. Too much gluten carbs makes me feel real sluggish to (pancakes, biscuits, etc.)

day by day

I have been reading the daily diary book that Melissa Hartwig wrote, (WHOLE30 DAY BY DAY), and I am asking myself again, why am I doing this? Yes it is to lose weight and inches, which was the reason for the first successful 30 days in 2015, but to also get my system back in shape and to find extra energy needed to do the jobs that I do, which are quite physical. I need to feel better about myself and this is what I am aiming for with this Whole30. My plan is to hopefully start walking in the evenings or early in the morning plus ride my bike in the back, low impact exercise plus it will get my heart rate up too. And maybe I can get hubby to set up the tread mill again so I can walk on it. Gotta use it, since I have it! But if anyone out there would like to buy it, please let me know! Hubs wants it out of the house and I don’t want it outside in the weather. If I had a place and money to set up a gym, I would and it would be there along with an elliptical machine plus 2 other machines that work on the back and waist plus one other weight pulling machine. My mini anytime fitness room! I loved going there, but life got busy and I stopped going. So much for dreaming…poof! Back to reality…..Stay tuned in for more info and hopefully pictures.

Hugs and blessings to you all!

Vicky Duecker

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