It’s Been A While…

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog page of my web site. Life gets crazy but if you are following me on FaceBook, you will know what I have been doing!  This year, my plans for the web page is to vamp it up so it does not look so “clunky” as I was told today…but I am getting help with it, thank you Steve O’Brien!

One of my goals is to start cooking things for B&B clients to choose from and have pictures of the items as well. It helps when people want to know what it is you are actually going to be making for them…  Also, the menu page will be set up differently as well.  I am excited that the site will be a much user-friendly place once things get done.

I have a new kitchen in the house now, and I am excited as all get-out and I will be cooking recipes and taking pictures in it as well! Who knows, it may even get photo bombed by the fur kids at times…oh no…..


No, these are not the fur kids but this is my daughter and her wonderful husband and sons who will be visiting me in March! I can hardly wait. They live in Illinois, so far away from YaYa.

Another thing I will be blogging about is my Paleo/Whole30 foods that I cook and eat and experiences with it. Hopefully I will take pictures as well to show you what the good food looks like and recipes as well….yes, I still don’t follow a recipe, unless it is something baked or a new one for a client’s meal cooking.

So, stay tuned in, folks! Good things are on their way here on my page!

Hugs & Blessings……

Vicky D

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