A Grateful “Hello” to all!

No, I have not gone away, it has just been a busy time since the last time I posted here and I do apologize for it tremendously.  Tis the season for many thanksgivings for me.  I did something I never did before. Actually two things have happened and they are both good. One, I walked my first 5K(see posts on Facebook under Vicky Duecker in August) and I have now been hired to cook for a hunting lodge!  That has been a dream come true for me and the people who own  it are such great and wonderful Christian people.

I cooked for a group of girls at a B&B here in town and I found out that they located me through Google and not through Hire-A-Chef. It hit home to me that they did their homework by reading about me on facebook, found out that I have a blog but no web page. I had one through the USPCA but it was phased out and we were to go to “goDaddy.com” to create our new web site at a discounted rate. This happened back in the summer of this year. As of yet, I have not taken the time nor spent the money to get one set up. But after hearing them, I will put it on my priority list of things to get done soon. That is also why I am posting this on my blog: the visibility of my business in the social media world.  I know that when I post on facebook, it goes there and on Twitter, unless FB has done something to that feature. Hopefully, when I blog, it will also be on my web page too, if GoDaddy has that feature, I do not know. I am not a computer guru like some people are. (would love for someone to do the GoDaddy thing for me…?? I don’t want to screw it up  :/)  Anyway, that is a goal for me by the end of this year, if possible.

Now, back to the lodge…….it is a place that you would/could only imagine ever being in…it is a place you would only see in hunting magazines and on TV hunting shows for the “celebs”. The kitchen is to die for. Granite counter tops everywhere, cabinets-top and bottom, everywhere; sink, dishwasher, trash compactor in two different places in the kitchen. One set across from the six burner gas stove on a huge wooden bar area. That is my work area since it is across from the stove. The wooden bar reminds me of the big table that my grandmother had in her house. Fridge is like the cabinets and you would not know it is there unless you looked and saw the ice/water maker. There are two additional stainless steel freezer/fridges back in the wet room. I could go on and on but I won’t. The lady of the house made this comment: : “God puts people in certain places of your life for a reason” and she was aiming it at me and her friend that comes there with them on their weekends. I really feel blessed to have this in my life because it is not about the amazing place of where I am cooking, it is the people I am cooking for that brings me the greatest pleasure of all. It is always better to give than to receive and I try my best to give as much as I can to them because it is just an honor to be able to do what I am doing for them because it relieves them from that pressure and they can relax more and enjoy their time away from their hustle and bustle world of where they live during the week.  It brings me joy and satisfaction knowing they are pleased with what I am doing for them. God is with them and me both and I am just so thankful for wonderful people who are in my life now, both family and friends. Blessings to you all.  Vicky


I am posting this again because I did not find this on my facebook pages….hmmm….

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