Confession time and regroup…

Confession time…..went to the fitness center to work out, first time in over a week…30 minutes on the elliptical with 5 resistance! That was the good part!  The bad part is this….stepped on the scale in the ladies dressing/shower room….disaster….about 4 pounds crept up on me…….that is what I get for not watching what I have been eating and drinking and not exercising on the regular basis I need to be…….

So! It is back on the wagon for me beginning tomorrow! Today is the visit to Becker Vineyards to sample their wines for the Fall project of mine! What am I going to do beginning this next week??? Bring my lunch, cut out breads, boost my protein and veggie intake, go to fitness center like I should, cut beer/wine on back porch (drink my red tea instead)….you would think summer time would be the easiest time to lose weight with all the fresh produce at hand, but it is also the best time of the year for back porch time with hubby and beer & wine goes so well with back porch time…I need to go to a week long health spa/club…anyone want to fund that for me????  LOL……..back to cleaning on the house now…..

Now, how can I create my own health club/spa here at the house??? Gotta think on that one especially since I need to keep hubby Larry happy too and keep it in very reasonable budget!  Looks like another research project…….thoughts and comments welcome on this project…….hugs…Vicky

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