Back on track!

Hi all!

Today is the first day after all the holiday binges and that means for me to get back on track with healthy eating!  We were at my mom’s house yesterday celebrating her birthday and exchanging gifts for the grand kids in the family.  All four sisters were there and that doesn’t always happen at the same time like that!  We were sitting around the table with mom & dad having a pow wow about dad needing to have knee surgery.Edlena, my youngest sister, leaned over to Kim, next to oldest sister, and whispered something.  Juanice, oldest sister said “No whispering at this table.  It is an open conversation table.”  Edlena was telling Kim about her sugar levels…….she is diabetic and taking meds and checking her blood levels.  We did not know that.  Then we got to talking about diet, food, and things we/she should be eating, as those conversations go, you know!

Well, I always carry my Oxygen, Eat Clean mags with me to read, along with my healthy cookbooks to read, and I showed Edlena the rules of Clean Eating from the “Stripped” book I had! She started balking because she said she doesn’t cook and there is no way she could do this.  I offered her my Personal Chef services to come to her house, in Buda, and do some cooking for her so she would have healthy, clean food to eat when she went to work and when she was at home.  I got her e-mail address and I e-mailed her the rules plus other great information I had on my computer for healthy eating and then I asked if the weekend of January 21st would be ok to come to her house for the weekend to shop, and cook for her!  She took me up on it! (she has the excuse to have to clean house now too! LOL!  LOL!)  I am so excited to be doing this for my “baby” sister!  We have been out of touch for quite some time and this is great for me and for her too plus her health!

She called me this evening around 6:15, she was at the store wanting to know what she should get for lunches this week and I was so surprised and excited that she did!  I just started rattling stuff off to her so fast that she said “STOP!! BRAIN OVERLOAD!”  I am so glad for her that she is trying to clean up her diet and do herself a BIG favor!

Pics of today’s food:

Breakfast plus vites!

Smoothie consisted of 1 ripe banana, scoop of ground roasted almonds, scoop of quick oats,scoop of protein powder and home-made almond milk for liquid!  Hand-made coffee (this was my second cup-half decaf&half regular) along with my slurry of vitamins!

Lunch for lunch box.

Left-over chicken fajita meat, carrots, 3 radishes, garbanzo beans, Romain lettuce in a jar, two Campari tomatoes(not shown-nearly forgot to put them in my bag!) and an apple to eat for snack if I was hungry with peanut butter.  I also had one more cup of coffee at work and then water after lunch!  This evening’s meal is left-over grilled pork loin chop, 1/2 baked potato, carrots, radishes and peeled japs!  Yes, it will be a late suppper/dinner……we have been cutting up deer meat…….

Hope you all will stick to your resolutions!  I have had a good start so far!  Hugs!  Vicky



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  1. Good job, Mom! I’ll be posting soon! -Alex

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