Christmas Spirit!

Hi all!

Hope you are ready for Christmas!  The store (Der Kuchen Laden) has been very busy, which has kept me from sending out recipes and messages.  Today is my day off and I am playing Heinz 57 here at the house.  Going to have lunch with my walking buddy, Rose, and run around town to get things done!

We had our Christmas with the kids this past Saturday nite and it went really well!  Everyone had a big time!  Food was fried catfish, pinto beans, cole slaw, cucumber salad and potato salad from Der Linden Baum(the good German restaurant here in Fredericksburg!), chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy ornament balls, and chocolate layered dessert…too much food but it was all so good!

This Sunday, Larry & I will be going to my parents house for dinner and what a dinner it will be!  Mom’s roast beef with brown gravy, mashed potatoes and I will be doing some veggies on the side along with salad!  That is one of my favorite meals that I chose for my birthday meal when growing up!  Yum! Yum! are some pics of the Christmas bash last Saturday nite!

The Tree!

This is the tree with the two cats giving their approval!  The deer heads have bows tied to them for decorations! (red neck decos??)


Yaya and Robbie opening his presents!

Robbie & I opened his gifts.  He was more interested in just tearing the paper off slowly and giving it to me until he opened his computer, then he did not want to open any more!  He wanted to play!

Everyone involved!


Robbie was helping Makenna open her box while Koen was watching and unwrapping his own things!  Barret & Christine helping Makenna too!


Tooter had to be in the middle of it all but protected in a box!  Where was JR?????  He was under the couch out from under feet….

Heather opening present for baby girl Koch while Kyle looked and Koen watching Makenna!

Heather is due around the first of April with a baby girl, so we got baby girl something too!  Koen needs a baby sister to take care of!

Katie, my adopted daugher, friend of Alex.

Katie flew in from Arizona to be in Meagen’s wedding on Monday and she stayed with us until yesterday, Tuesday.

Alex & Koen.


Alex was helping Koen with his box while Robbie was playing with his phone…Larry was taking pics, so I don’t have one of him involved with anyone.





The grand kids!  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  God Bless!  Vicky






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