Taco meat salad for lunch this week!


My salad this week is taco meat salad!  Go to the link of saladinajar and read her blog about keeping Romain lettuce in glass jars!  REALLY neat!  This will be my second week of doing salad in a jar, YES IT WORKS!!!!.  Last week was Tuscany tuna salad and this week is taco meat salad.  This is my way of keeping my weight under control during this winter cold stuff that is keeping me from doing my morning walks with my friend Rose.  I am a fair-weather-walker, so, needless to say, when it is either raining or the temp is below 40 degrees, I don’t go walking early in the mornings….(I hate cold weather…)

This weekend we are having Christmas here at the house  with all the kids!  If I had an unlimited budget/money source, I could really decorate the house in a rather large way….give me some time and I will accumulate what I want!  I bought a little arrangement at Hobby Lobby that I will set on the bar and put a candle in the center, the cats will just love it and probably chew on it and get sick…cats do that, you know. Came close to buying a wreath to put outside or somewhere in the house but decided my cart was full enuff…there is always next year….Alex, Robbie and hopefully Michael will get to come with them this weekend.  Katie Harvey will be staying with us this weekend also and that will be great!  I will be posting pics from the celebration Saturday nite!  Meal will be fried catfish, fries, hush puppies, cole slaw, pinto beans, veggies and who knows what else!  The non-traditional Christmas meal!  We love it and everyone else does too!

Hope y’all have a good week and stay warm!  Hugs!  Vicky D

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