Meat loaf/meat balls for supper

Hey all!  Going to post a recipe for my meatloaf that I am making tonite!  It is the recipe I use for a lot of things and it makes a good meat loaf too!  It is used for stuffed peppers, meat balls, and meat loaf, although meat loaf can get a bit crazy with ingredients as we all know!

The Dock At The Lake

This is the dock at the lake! (Lake Mathis/Lake Corpus Christi). As you can see, it is VERY low.  This pic was taken over two weeks ago when Larry & I went down for the weekend.  When I sing “Sittin on the dock at the lake”, this is the dock I am sitting on!  The white you see in the middle is a little table that is built into the doc to hold your coffee or other liquid refreshments you may be drinking!  This is my PEACE place, unless Larry has been shooting snakes…..another story from the past and mentioned in older posts……I hate snakes…….

My kitchen at the lake!

Not much space as you can see but as you know the saying, “The sign of a good cook is not where the cook cooks, but what is put into the pots!”  A good cook can cook anywhere and there has been quite a bit of good food from this little kitchen!  I can make it work!  Yes, a bigger kitchen would be nice but for the time we spend down there, this works fine!  It is my home away from home!  When we first walk into the cabin, we both say “I’m home!” and we both let out a big sigh of relief.  Anyway, just a glimpse of my “peace” place!  Stay tuned for the meatloaf or meatballs, which ever they go!  Hugs!  Me!


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  1. Love the pictures. NIce little kitchen you have there. Hugs!

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