Last of the garden & stewed cranberry & fruit

Mother Eggplant


Hi!  Sharing pictures of the last of the garden produce before the hard freeze last week.  This is the mother eggplant that produced all the eggplant we ate and shared with family, friends and neighbors!  She is just ONE plant that produced so many little babies!  Can you believe it??!!


Baby eggs and bell peppers...the last of them.


We picked 29 baby eggs and 57 bell peppers before the freeze hit Thursday/Friday of this past week.  We shared them with those who would take them.

Japs & Serrano peppers.


We did not take count on the Japs and Serrano peppers that we picked, but as you can see, there were quite a few…..hundreds…and hundreds……

Step back picture of the last load.....until next year....

Yes, until next year……..but here is the plan!  One eggplant again in the same bed, upper left corner by the well!  Two Serrano plants, two TAM jalapeno plants, no other than TAM next year.  Two bell pepper plants, maybe, depending on what Larry wants to do.  Yes to okra, squash, cucumbers, green beans, probably not carrots, but definitely radishes, for sure.  So, that is the game plan unless we decide to do something different??!!….broccoli?  Cauliflower? Swiss Chard???  Kale??  Hmmmmmm…………we will see next year!

Ok! Now for the recipe that is absolutely great!

This may not look like much to you but red mush

cranberryies, apples, and a pear!

This may not look like much to you but some red mush, but this REALLY is good!  Ok…take a bag of fresh cranberries, pick and rinse.  In a medium large heavy stock pot, put the rinsed berries in.  Chop up one large apple of choice, I used a Jonagold apple, and one pear of choice, I used a red pear (I wanted to put two in but the pears were a bit hard and really not as ripe as I wanted it).  Add about 1/2 cup water along with about 1/4 cup of agave nectar for sweetener.  Stir and bring to a simmer and turn heat to a low temp and stew for about 2 hours.  Take off heat, cool and put into your favorite container.  Now, the best part!  While still warm, you can put some in a little bowl, top with honey Greek yogurt, enjoy the mixture immensely!  I did!  That was my “ice cream and fruit”!   I will definitely fix this again!  It is good and good for you!(top with granola would be good too!)

My mother would make stewed apples and I had that thought when I was putting this together in my head before I did this!  I love you mother!  Such sweet memories!  Hugs!  Me!


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