Ciabata Ham Sandwich


Last Wednesday I went to the store and bought some sliced ham, the REAL stuff, and came upon some Ciabata bread that looked really good too!  I was hungry for a good ham sandwich, and I knew Dear Sweet Larry would like one too!  So, back home I went with my wonderful purchases at HEB!  I took the bread, cut it in half, and then in half again through the middle.  I drizzled EV Olive Oil on the thick half and scattered grated Moz cheese on the other half, broiled it until it was toasty and light brown on each side.  In the meantime, I had chunked up a good 2 cups of ham, sliced a tomato purty thin and sauteed some green pepper and onions in oil.  When I brought out the bread from the oven, I smeared some mayo in each side, topped the ham on the side without the cheese, added the onions & peppers and then the tomatoes.  The tomatoes got peppered and I put the other side on top.  Using bread knife that was used to cut the bread, I cut the sandwich in the middle and we both ate a half!  It was VERY filling and, yes, I would do it again!!!!!!!  (Imagin us doing the “Guy Fietty” stance to eat this!spelling not good, I know…)  :0



Ciabata Ham Sandwich


Yes, it was a BIG thing and very filling!  Changes???  Yes, maybe some Dijon mustard, shredded lettuce, and definitely more cheese!   Hugs!  Me!

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