Chicken Fajita Wraps

Sliced onions & peppers with diced grilled chicken breasts for filling!


Ok folks!  This is a no-brainer recipe that anyone can do and it will turn out good!   Take cooked grilled chicken or any grilled meat you have left over or you can buy the frozen already cooked fajita meat from the store; chunk it into small pieces in a bowl.  Slice a medium onion-your color choice- and a medium bell pepper-your color choice!  In your non-stick skillet, put about 1 TBSP of your favorite oil in it.  get the skillet ready to use on medium-high heat.  Add your veggies and saute until nearly tender, remove back into bowl.  Add diced meat, saute to warm up, add veggies and stir together to mingle well and cook a little bit!

Filling ready to be filled!

Using the tortilla wraps from the previous post of smoked salmon wraps, or whatever you like to use, take a wrap and spread it with f=Fischer&Wieser Cilantro Pepito Pesto; put meat and veggie filling on next, top with sharp cheddar cheese and roll up, keeping seam side down so it does not unwrap itself!  Cut in half or thirds and serve or chill until company comes!

Fischer & Wieser Cilantro Pepita Pesto for wrap spread! Yum!


Spread, filling, and cheese before wrapping!


Finished Chicken Fajita Wraps! Yum!
You can use any spread you like, it does not have to be what I used but these were good with it!
Larry took a pair and put it in the microwave to melt the cheese and warm it up after company left and said that it was really good!
Ok…now for comedy time!  Here comes pics of Larry & my brother-in-law Boyce riding the tricycle that we got my parents!  They are such “kids” at heart!

"I hope I don't get stuck in the mud! C'mom! Move!"

That is Boyce doing the “maiden voyage” on the bike!

"I want my turn! Hurry up!"

"WEEEEEEEEE! Can I go faster??!!"

"let's see if I can pop a wheelie!"

Yes, we are all just kids ar heart!

Don’t you just love it!  I did!  They will always be kids at heart, no matter how old their/our bodies feel at times! God bless them and all of you!  Hugs!  Me!

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