Keeper Fish Recipe


Tonite I made a recipe from Tosca Reno’s “The Eat Clean Diet Favorites” magbook!  This was in one of her earlier cookbooks but since this was the “faves” book, I can see how this recipe made it!

The "Eat Clean Queen" does it again!

The recipe is called “Tosca’s Keep-It-Tight Tilapia”.  I did not follow the recipe to the “T” but the changes I made (are you surprised?) were still good!

Recipe from the book!

Ok…my changes…….

Instead of three fresh cloves of Garlic minced or pressed, I pressed just one clove of garlic; I had some roasted garlic in the fridge, so I mashed up two large cloves on a small plate and added it to the olive oil in the ramekin; I DID put all the spices in the EVOO and mixed it with a little whisk; instead of tilapia, I had some frozen Swai that I thawed out. I found them in the frozen fish section at H.E.B.(no, I did not use any catfish, although there was some in the freezer!); I also did not bake the filets, I pan cooked them in my Fissler non-stick pan in pecan oil from Der Kuchen Laden!

swai coated with spice mixture

I took each filet of fish, dried them off with paper towels, and using my fingers, spread the spice mixture on both sides of the fish making sure they were coated as evenly as possible. The spice mixture was a paste because of the mashed roasted garlic, otherwise, it would have been a bit more runny!  I did not cake the mixture on the fish, it was just nicely rubed all over!

Ramekin with spice paste and whisk.

I used the whisk to place the spice mix on the fish before rubbing it in with my fingers.

My wonderful Fissler pan and the Pecan Oil.

I just love my Fissler pan and I just love using Pecan oil when I do pan fish!

Swai cooking in my Fissler pan!

This is fish in the pan and it has not been turned over yet!  While it was cooking, the smells reminded me of Blackened Fish but without using cast iron!  I still love my Fissler pan! I cooked the fish about 5 minutes or so on medium heat once I had the pan hot enough with the oil in it.  Because the spice mixture had EVOO in it, the pan DID do some smoking because EVOO does NOT have a very high heat point before it starts smoking.  That is why I turned the burner down from medium high to medium or less.

Finished product! (Yes, I did some decorating with parsley!)

I was impressed with the finished product, if I say so myself!

This is my plate!

Supper consisted of Pan Cooked Swai on a bed of brown rice, steamed fresh Broccoli, cut carrots, and sliced fresh Serrano peppers, along with a glass of milk to cool things down! (I did go back and eat more fish and rice than what you see!)

Swai is a mild white fish that is a good protein source and relatively cheap! The bag I bought was around $7.25 for 7 frozen filets, that is a little over $1 a filet!  It purty much cooks well any way you do it!  Next time I fix this fish and spice mixture, I will bake it like the original recipe requires you to.  I will bake it at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until it flakes done.  When I do this, the baking dish will be lined with foil first so that clean-up will be easy!

Hope you consider trying this recipe on your next fish cooking nite!  If you have questions, please post them here and I will answer them!  In the mean time, have a good rest of the week!   Hugs!  Me!

P.S…..I recommend you get your hands on this magbook! It should be at your favorite store or you can get it on-line from Robert Kennedy Publishing! (that is where I got mine!)  ta ta!  Vicky D

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