Yogurt misshap :(


Just a short note to say that I made a batch of yogurt the way one of my fellow employees makes hers and it did not turn out the way it does when I make it the way I posted here earlier on how to do it.  Instead of cooking the milk to the certain temp, and cooling it, I took my yogurt starter and mixed it into the 2 liters of cold milk and cooked it for over 24 hours in my faithful yogurt maker.  It turned out to be yogurt milk…..  😦   it is not solid at all……   The taste is there but there is no texture like yogurt should have and has had in the past when I cook the milk first, cool it and finish it off.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THE QUART OF YOGURT I HAVE IN THE FRIDGE AND DID NOT GIVE TO MY TRUSTY FRIEND DEBBIE??????

runny yogurt 😦 but not toal loss!

Well, today I took about 1/2 a cup and gave it to my big cat, JR; I also took a 1/2 cup with me to work to put on my oatmeal mixture with fresh blueberries.  Since it is the consistency of buttermilk, I will use it like buttermilk in recipes such as banana bread/cake or batter bread or corn bread or whole wheat pancakes plus use it to top off my oatmeal like I did this morning! So!  It is not a total waste!  BUT!!!!!!  Next time I will make it the way I have always done and had good luck with it!  The next batch I make I will use the powdered yogurt starter that I have in the fridge from The Peach Basket and see how the consistency is from when I use plain yogurt.  Stay tuned for my uses of runny yogurt!!!!!

PS……..here is a clip of my measurements that I said I would post when I talked about my vacation…..we will see what they are in two weeks!

See if you can see what is written on the paper!

I have been eating much better these past two days since my friend Debbie and I did a bunch of cooking on Sunday!  I have also been eating a protein and carb around 4:00 in the afternoon just like the Eat Clean plan tells you to do! I will try to start posting my meals with pics for you when I can also! (gotta keep the camera handy in the mornings so I can shoot what I put in my lunch bag!  So!  Stay tuned for more!!!!!!!

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