Vacation….soon to be over.:( :)


Have been on vacation since this past Sunday!  It has really been nice to get away and be at the lake with my sweet hubby, Larry!  We were not able to get the boat in the water because the level was too low and the extension on the boat ramp had sunk about 5 inches.  We tried to unload the boat Sunday afternoon but it centered out on the ramp, not good...

We pulled the trailer back up to the house and surveyed the situation at the ramp and decided that on Monday we need to make a trip to Beeville to get QuickCrete and do some fixing on the ramp.  Long story short, the boat stayed on the trailer from the time we got there Sunday afternoon until we left Thursday afternoon.  It was not our main intention to kill ourselves fishing but it would have been nice to put out a few jug lines and get some fish for the freezer.  Larry DID put out some throw lines along the bank and had them out from Sunday evening  until Wednesday morning.  The only fish caught was two little catfish about 14″ and one that weighted about 3 pounds.  He fished off the dock Thursday morning while I drank coffee and he caught three gasper goo fish.  He kept those, scaled them and fileted them and we took those home with the cats he caught off his throw lines and had fresh fried fish last nite (Thursday)!!!!

We got plenty of rest and peaceful time there regardless of not getting the boat in the water.  We explored Beeville and went to HEB twice and found the laundromat and did a load of laundry.  Made a note to ourselves that when we spend a long length of time at the lake to make sure to go and do laundry in Beeville before coming home to help offset dirties when we get home!

The “boys” came with us this trip, Tooter cat and JR cat.  The trip down and back was as usual when we take the “kids” with us! JR did his usual yowling and Tooter was good as usual.  Every time we bring JR with us, we vow to not do that again but we talk ourselves into it again…….some-timers works good!

Ok…now for the food…..we grilled Sunday nite(pork ribs), and Monday nite(pork chops).  Tuesday I baked Chicken and on Wednesday we had left-overs.  Wednesday I also made an apple pie with whole wheat pie crust using butter as the oil base!  It was my “bad food” for the trip, I just had to have an apple pie after the store made apple pies for the shopping thing on Saturday.  I kept it clean by not using refined sugar or white ap flours!  BUT! that does not counteract the liquid refreshment that we had while there!  Ok….remember I am on vacation!

We came home Thursday and will have to go back to work on Monday.  Saturday, tomorrow, I am baking a turkey with good trimmings.  Left-over turkey will be put in freezer for other uses, such as soups, along with the bones to be boiled up for stock.  Sunday will be cook day to start off the week right.  I am going back on the “Clean Eating  Wagon” beginning on Monday!  I will post my current inches in the places I want to reduce and keep the reduction posted every week.  I will be accounted for here on my site!  Please stay tuned!  Clean recipes will be posted here too, so please stay tuned!

Yes, vacation will be over on Monday, but the good thing will be that I will be back on the wagon of clean eating with my whole heart to make sure I reach my goal that I will have posted on this site!  Hope you stay tuned!  Hugs…Vicky D

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