Chemist or Scientist???

Yes, I ask that question every time I make yogurt…….why?  Well, when you make yogurt, you are using a thermometer to get the milk to a certain temperature and I am always taking its temp to reach a certain point! Plus when the milk is cooking in the maker, it is going through some kind of chemical change from milk to yogurt……. Ok…here is the recipe and pictures and story!

Milk in Fissler pot.

In a 3 liter pot, (my Fissler pots and pans have liters marked on the sides-they are made in Germany-European is metrics, plus my recipe is in metrics also), heat on medium heat 2 liters of either 1% milk or fat-free milk-I used 1% this time.  I have used fat-free several times before and results are the same.  The temp you want to reach is 180 degrees.  Using a thermometer, I have a digital one for quick reading, take milk temperature periodically while stirring and cooking milk. You want to stir your cooking milk gently, trying not to make a lot of foam.  I used a bamboo spoon with slits in it.  This usually takes about 10 minutes, depending on your stove and altitude, of course!

While milk is heating up at the beginning, measure out 12 ounces of plain yogurt, making sure the top of the yogurt is not used; skim the top off the carton of yogurt if you just opened it!  Make sure your plain yogurt has all the beneficial bacterias and probiotics in it. I used Greek Gods Original Greek Yogurt, I did not use their fat-free/low-fat yogurt.

12 ounces of Greek Yogurt measured out!

Once your milk reaches at least 180 degrees,  take pan off burner and put into sink that has ice in it. Ideal temp is between 178 to 181 degrees, I like to shoot for 180 because your milk will continue to cook when you take your pan off the stove, especially if your pans are heavy pans, like my Fissler pans are.

Hot milk at 180 degrees!

My assistant, Tooter, making sure the milk cools down properly in the ice water!

Gently stir your milk while it is in the ice water, so that not just the sides and bottom get cool.  When the temp reaches 114 degrees, take your pan out of the ice water.  In a medium size bowl, add about a cup of cooled down milk to the yogurt and stir to temper the yogurt and make sure the lumps are out of yogurt.  Don’t whip it to mix it.  You want to be nice and gentle with it.

Greek Yogurt being mixed with cooled milk.

Once milk is combined with yogurt and lumps are out, pour mixture back into pot and gently mix together, making sure it is all incorporated.  When it is mixed, pour/ladle into 3 clean, sterile 1 quart glass mason jars.  Wipe rims and place into your Yolife yogurt maker.  Der Kuchen Lade, here in Fredericksburg, carries the Yolife Yogurt makers.

Yolife yogurt maker and digital thermometer.

Ha! I poured them evenly in the jars! That is a first!

Set your yogurt maker somewhere so it won’t be jiggled or messed with once your jars are in the maker.  Set your timer from your maker where the machine will cut off at about 15 hours from when you first put your yogurt in it. (a tip is to set your yogurt to be ready the next morning and not at 2:00 in the morning….)

Yogurt in maker cooking away!

Yogurt in fridge at 2:00 am....yawn...yawn.....

Yes, I woke up at 2:00 to check my yogurt and it was ready for the fridge….BUT!  For breakfast the next morning, I had fresh, good tasting yogurt to put on top of my fresh blueberries!

Beautiful, fresh yogurt! Look at the smooth and creamy texture!Spoon ready to dig in!

Fresh yogurt is great on fresh fruit with cinnamon and Agave drizzled on top!  You cannot find a store-bought yogurt that is as good as home-made yogurt!  When I make yogurt, I have friends asking for a jar, the Lord knows that I cannot eat three jars before it goes bad, so I don’t mind sharing!

The Yolife yogurt maker has instructions on how to make yogurt and the precautions you need to take when making yogurt.  This is just a quick story of my only chemistry/science work that I do……I did not like either of those subjects in school…..go figure….I never related those subject to cooking but I guess cooking really IS a science????

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