Vicky’s “Go To” Seasoning

Hi!  This is my seasoning that I grab for seasoning meats, fresh steamed veggies and whatever I want to have just some basic flavorings.  I use this like salt, because of the quantity of salt in the mix.  I keep it in a big shaker jar on my stove area along with plain salt and pepper, tooth picks, twist ties….ok!  Here is the recipe!


1 cup of fine sea salt

1/2 cup fine ground black pepper

1/2 cup garlic powder

Mix together in medium bowl. Using a small spoon, spoon mixture into your shaker and now you are ready to have this handy for when you want to season pork chops, chicken and steaks for grilling, steaming broccoli, sauteing squash in a pan, stewing chickens in the crock pot or whatever you want to season with that little touch of garlic along with S&P!  I buy large containers of each one from either Sam’s, Costco, or somewhere and keep them on hand at all times.  I have to make up a batch about every three months or so.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!  It can be modified to your taste and feel free to add other spices/seasonings!  I have even added ground cumin to a batch and called it my Mexican seasoning!  Yes, this is similar to Paula Dean’s House Seasoning but I like more pepper and garlic in mine!

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